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April 27, 2011


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Gabby Morton Jones

Thank you for such an enlightening piece of writing. As someone who is just about to enter their 30s and barely has had a moment to think about the meaning of this next stage of my life, I am so grateful to have a little window into your journey which is one step ahead of mine.

If you could now just tell me where I could find a torch, I might be able to stop stumbling around in the f*ck*ng dark! ;)

carole levy

I love the metaphors of going downstairs into our basement with a flash light... and looking with our eye soul. I also love how you are bringing the pieces together while deepening each one of them. The sharing about your mother and your journey with her is very very touching. My mother was abandoned by her own mother (I never met my grand-mother) and I witnessed her pain as a child and her journey of trying to reconnec at 40 with her own mother. How you reframed the rejection "feeling", deeply touched me too. Thanks!


Its really appreciable how in mature way you are looking at the relationship with your mother and I am sure that you have started a healing between you two at some level and you will further take it to a level where it is wholesome.
I am 44 and just when I too thought I know all about myself, new and new facets are unfolding from within ...we have an unfathomable depth..I wish you all the wonders in the journey called LIFE.
Luv to you and Ayla

Robert Kennedy

Let the light shine in! Brave of you to share that - inspiring, thanks.

Hema Nair

Simply wonderful Taz... thanks!

get back ex

when I waded deep inside the fear I could see that it simply wasn’t true.

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