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January 11, 2011


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Marta Szabo

Dear Taz, I enjoyed this very much. One detail that stands out to me specifically that said so much was the part about dressing for comfort, not sexual appeal. That really made the point! I look forward to reading more! m

Carole Levy

Great post. Great lesson. Great writing.

Ga Mojo

I have always struggled with self confidence because of my inability to love myself. In fact I would so far to say I have never even WANTED to love myself. But I see the place that you are entering, how it is really benefiting you to just love yourself and open your self up to the world (like the party you described in your blog) and I realise that this is the place that I want to work towards. Thank you for being a great life teacher, and being so open to share it and so talented to express it so eloquently!

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