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August 18, 2009


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Taz Your blog is so beautiful!
I am also "writting a book" not sure where it's going but it's there - maybe never will be published, perhaps it will be a family treasure only.
I must say, that I feel every word you use, I am so glad to see I am not alone; most of my friends think I'm too much of a mother - too much? seriously!
I have realised that it is the little things in life that TRULY matter and that really NOURISH our souls.
So, YES let's celebrate all small things! bring out the piñatas, the horns and clowns - it's party time!

Amy Casson

I cried as I read this because I have been there and every feeling and emotion you described has happened to me and my son! Beautiful.


"Kids are hugely resilient. We all have times when we regret what we have done with our kids- 'how many years of therapy is this mistake going to cost' we half heartedly joke. Just keep giving them love and if taking time off from work is the way, then do it. Kids are only little for a few short years. They will break and make a mess of plenty of stuff during that time- be ready to let it go. The nice apartment? It is just stuff. Peace."

Nancy M

Bravo for posting this! Oh yes, I can certainly relate, and it's hard to imagine any parent who can't. It is all too easy to lose the way, and to express misdirected anger. But amazing to be able to own up to it and move beyond it, and to appreciate what you have even more.


wow, another great entry! I'd take the time off if I were you--you only get one chance! Mind you, if I had a little cutie, I'd take most of their first 5 years off so maybe I'm not a good one to ask! Just look at her as a little comedian; that's how I look at kids and why I love them so much. It's all entertainment and--as came the message when I had a near-death experience-all "a game". A game of Love :)


Oh Taz! I feel it. I have felt it. And it's ok because unlike others your reflection of this moment instigated change. An awakening. A realization. You are a wonderful mother! Alone like me but not alone. Glad you wrote this.


just read your blog post. can relate! everyone's patience has a limit... and it's totally normal to snap sometimes. it feels awful, but it's human.

Jenn @ The Women's Colony

It sounds as though your priorities just came into sharp focus. That is never a bad thing.


Thanks for your honesty Taz. I was really missing your blog. It's beautiful to hear about your reconnection with Ayla. I love baby kisses in the morning!! what a blessing!

DM Walker

You know when something comes into your life in the exact time you need to hear it, (or read it). I want to thank you for your beautiful work in Two dead canaries. I had a nice healing release. Your words speak beautiful truth. Thank you

rebecca walker

I recommend spending as much time as possible together--like yes to a maternity leave if at all possible. T started school this week and while I'm thrilled for the break, I ache for all the leaving there is to come. Lovely post. So happy to read you.

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