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May 20, 2009


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That was beautifully written and a wonderful story ^^


Didn't find it yucky at all - just kind of funny! Reminds me that I too have a year-old placenta buried deep in my freezer...


"We buried our last one beneath a fruit tree. I cannot, publicly, write what we did with the first two. We don't live in that kind of society yet.


I woulda just gone into the woods and buried it amongst trees! And put flowers on it! Oh well, maybe next time! I'm sure it's happy wherever it is!!!


Your story gave me a good laugh. Hopefully you'll be able to laugh about it too sometime soon. Ah being human, so many foibles

Martin McGuyson

Eeeeww! Gross! You should have eaten it soon after giving birth. They say it protects against post partum depression. I know you're a vegetarian, but I guess you could be a vegetarian cannibal LOL.


This is a great story it motivated me to take of my daughters placenta, i stemed it, dry it and plant it in my grandmothers house under a pretty fig tree :) thanks!

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