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March 10, 2009


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I agree with you -- and should point out that people have offered her help. I read recently that parents at the school her older children attend have offered help, and so have many media organizations (albeit often in exchange for interviews). (At least, this is what I've heard.)

In some ways, I think that she is using the media in order to provide for her children -- which people don't like -- but which could actually really help her out financially.

I wrote a post similar to yours a while ago -- I agree that people are quick to judge her when, really, it does nothing to help anyone. I'm really surprised people haven't moved on.


When I read your previous post, the first thought that came into my head was... wow, it's refreshing to see someone extending mercy instead of judgement.
It reminds me of something Jesus said when a crowd was going to stone an adulterer: Let him who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her... and one by one her accusers walked away.


I agree with you. I have worried very much for Nadya's mental health and for all her children's mental and physical health and felt the attacks were done under the pretense of concern for the children yet they do nothing to help her children. I think the direction you are going with this is a good one and that you have articulated your points well. I'd like to read your first post on the subject as well.


While I think that her decision to have all of these children was a selfish one, what is done is done. I think they would be worse off in the system, and that now all one can do is to help her. If she does not receive help/support, it is the children that will suffer, and that is what concerns me. These children did not ask to be born. They are the innocent ones here, and they deserve a chance in life!

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