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February 26, 2009


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Amber Morrill

The choice to terminate 7 of 8 pregnancies is not one I could make. But if judging 1 woman who makes an unusual (for the last 50 years anyways) life choice makes us all feel better about our own crappy life decisions, by all means America (the continent not country) judge away. Nayda can rest easy knowing that we have the attention span of an average 4 year-old, soon we will be redirecting our self loathing to a drug using actress or goodness forbid, a mother who breastfeeds her child til he's five.


I don't believe that not terminating any of the babies should be a reason for any attacs on her. What I do believe is that she made a bad decision in her timing. She is a single mom(so was I at one time so I would never chastise someone for making that choice) who is unemployed and living with her parents. I believe that is the cause for any objections that have been voiced. Life is a precious thing and she said at one point that the reason she didn't want to marry her fiancee is because of her dips into depression. Why would you spare a man your mood swings but voluntarily bring new life into it. I'm not saying that she should never have had them, I am saying now probably wasn't the best time.


I'm just wondering where she's getting the money for IVF if she doesn't have a job and is getting disability benefits for some of her children. That's what irks me. Couldn't that money have been better used to take care of the children she already had? I know it's water under the bridge and what's done is done, etc. But still...


I agree with many of your points, but not necessarily that, in condemning ms. sulemon, society is also condemning the wisdom of the universe because the wisdom of the universe doesn't generally allow for that many eggs to be fertilized in a woman --and for good reason. it's really hard. and not just logistically hard, but hard on each life involved. those children will have many hurdles to overcome in their lives. but, like you said, the universe is mysterious and they're alive. all of the crazy details of this tabloid story aside, life will overcome and the world is many children richer.

Tim Bates

Her babies are in poor condition, and many are going to have poor standards of living because of it. Many will probably need physical or mental aid as a result of Nadya using her wisdom of the universe to have eight at a time. If she receives enough money to pay for the medical expenses alone, I would wish to ask the state to pay for my college. They alive for now, but it has been stated that many children born in such a large, excuse my bluntness, litter, die at a young age. Those that dont will have physical, and possibly mental disabilities. I am not condemning people for wanting many children, but this was absolutely selfish of her. Now 8 kids that could of had a possibly normal life if born at varying periods of time, have to grow up with a rough life. In my opinion, we should not add to the disillusioned mind of this OCD "loving" mom. (sorry to be blunt, but this is ridiculous.)

PO'd in Plumas Lake, CA

Nadya is ridiculous !!! She only thinks about herself. If she even thought one ounce of her first "6" children, she would have never had the IVF done )or shouldn't have had it done). Her and her so called Dr. are both in the wrong. Her poor mother having to take care of ALL of these kids, in her home that cannot fit them all. Nadya is selfish and ignorant !!! I have 4 kids of my own - and trust me, ending up a single mom of the first 3 was hard work. With 4 now, and a husband, it helps, but you have to do it yourself, not expect everyone to help you in a selfish choice that you made yourself. Why should everyone come to her rescue, when she wasn't thinking of anyone else, but herself? She chose to have the 6 emryo's implanted, instead of them being able to go to people who can't conceive. She didn't want them destroyed, well she destroyed them herself, by getting implanted with them and now having to raise them in horrible conditions and expecting everyone to help her with, volunteering, food, diapers, clothing and housing !! I feel sorry for her parents - in their age, they should be enjoying life, not their daughter destroying it. I feel sooooo bad for the ALL of the kids. Her older kids don't even want anymore siblings.
She shouldn't get paid for ANY of the articles and TV shows that she has done. She doesn't deserve it, only those poor INNOCENT children do, and she took everyone's life away, by thinking of herself only.

jennie bee

the woman had more kids than she could manage as a mom - financially and personally. her parents who she lived with called it a "disaster". so, then, she had 8 more babies with no resources to care for them. seems like a recipe for disaster to me. babies need more than tv interview $$ to be enriched humans. i dunno. she seems to be a gold digger who found an insane dr. to inseminate her and is prolly taking a cut. ugh.

some couples would kill for a single child who is loved and cared for. this is chaos at best and abuse at worst.


I agree with you.

I am sick of hearing people dump their internalized narcissistic rage and self-hatred onto this easy target.

Nadya has revealed the sad, pathetic, spiritually starved and emotionally stunted inner workings of the average American. Notice that the targets for this vicious group of bullies is always a woman. Always.


Dear In Defense of,

I must admit that I have judged Nadya harshly. However, after having read your post I am humbled. I have not been very Christian towards Nadya's situation. Moreover, am ashamed that I allowed myself to behave contrary to my Christian values that I pray will help define me everyday. I do not agree with Nadya and her choices, but I need to act the way our Lord and Savior wants us to. I will offer this whole mess to God and pray that he blesses Nadya, her family, all those helping children and that God might help to lighten the hearts of those so angry.

Thank you!

Melanie McHorney

I think everyone, including the over-sensationalizing media, should stop judging Nadya. What about the other families on tv who have 10, 18, and 17 children. Should they also be put up for adoption? I really hope that half of these stone throwers don't live in glass houses...karma can be a bitch. LOVE AND BEST WISHES, NADYA. KISS THE KIDS...ALL OF THEM FOR US!!!!!!! Melanie

Melanie McHorney

I had another question, if anyone has a possible answer. Everyone was making a bug deal about 6 embryos being implanted into Nadya. If that's so unusual then how did the other two moms of sextuplets on tv wind up with that amount. I doubt that only "three" were implanted in those cases. Any thoughts? I also think that if Nadya were married this whole thing would be view so differently.

Amanda Maczynski

"What would be a more noble goal for a modern woman: To make heaps of money? To work long hours in the corporate sector?"

Now who sounds like they're condemning people for not conforming?

"Were we irresponsible for having children with slim bank accounts but a bounty of love in our hearts?"

Yes, I believe that to be irresponsible. Sorry, but why should I work hard every day and have to give my money up to someone else? You want to work hard and earn your way through life and provide for your children, more power to you. If you can afford to be there for your kids emotionally and financially, great go have 50 for all I care. If you can't, then you should probably rethink where you are at in life.

"Isn’t it true that we’re never given obstacles that we won’t eventually overcome?"

Fact is, life didn't throw her an obstacle. She chose it. Not only did she choose it, she's relying on others to bail her out of it. That's not overcoming it.

"That is, with a few well-timed interviews on ABC or Oprah, her earning power in one year will probably eclipse yours or mine in a decade!"

And wrongly so, in my opinion.

I can't believe that in a world where we need licenses for everything from driving to hunting, anyone is allowed to have children. It makes no sense to me.

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"To me, our collective response to her reflects a deep distrust of life. In condemning Nadya, we’re also condemning the wisdom of the universe." I don't consider it wisdom for a person to go and have kids when he/she cannot afford to take care of them. SHe really is not different than mentally ill people who hoard cats and dogs in small houses, then act bewildered when the local Animal Control is called in to take them away because of forcing them to live in filth. We have plenty of knowledge and information that backs up why it is folly to continue repeating these mistakes. Let's not glorify this ridiculous person anymore.

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