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January 19, 2009


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Amber Morrill

Before we realized my daughter had food allergies she woke up every hour for 4 months. I missed appointments, I forgot phone numbers, I even left on the stove and stored the milk in the microwave. Though I did not want to sell her, I had way too much invested at that point, I did wish that I had a nanny and a wet nurse. Many a screaming night, I imagined myself locking my baby in a rubber padded childproof room while I went to a hotel with a hot tub and a big empty king size bed. Sometimes I imagined my taking my child to my husband's work (nights) and dropping her off there so I could go home and sleep by myself. I found that parents who had co-slept and exclusively breastfed were a lot more supportive and understanding of my plight, where as other mothers of a more conservative nature chided me, claiming that I "spoiled" her and that's why she cried all the time. Exit soy, enter sleep. It makes me feel better knowing that all that comforting was needed and not a matter of spoiling. I only wish I had figured out the allergy thing earlier.

Serena Wilson

I love your story its true and honest and yes there needs to be more of it! I understand exactly what you are saying after my first daughter was born instead of speaking out and getting some help I pretened everything was fine until my neighbour found me curled in a ball on the bathroom floor just sleeping after 24 hours of non stop FFC from my little girl! Enter "honest talking getting shit off my chest" exit "the feeling of total failure as a mother!" I suffered Post-Natal depression and it was terrible. Talking about it and not sugar coating it is much easier in the long run for everyone's sanity! I am due with baby #3 in 12 weeks and I am really excited!

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