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January 20, 2009


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Shafana Dadhich

I think it's much easier to respect a woman's choice to be a mother if she is a successful career woman first. Being a mom--and only a mom--has yet to earn the respect of others.

Silia Fallon

I think you're talking about having a First Mother instead of a First Lady. It would do wonders for motherhood and parenthood in general if we put someone in the White House who cared deeply about children.

Michelle Valadez

I agree with your post. I definitely want to see her be a wonderful mother. I think she is already, from what I've heard, read and seen. I like that instead of nannies she has her mother caring for her children when she isn't available. I like that in her interview with Barbara Walters she did say that she wanted to be with her children and not focus on a career in the white house as many before her had. I'm hoping she is the woman you post about and makes all of us mamma's proud :)

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