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January 11, 2009


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Great post. I do want to share that breastfeeding moms can continue to work in an office environment as well. I nursed for a year, lugging home my pump, ice packs and milk daily. It's not always easy, but with flexible workplaces today, it is attainable!


Breastfeeding wasn't an option for me and my son, though we certainly tried. The difficulties we had added to the postpartum depression I experienced, and I chose to stop struggling at 6 weeks. It was difficult admitting "defeat" but I was much happier and better able to enjoy my son once we were no longer caught it what seemed a never-ending battle of nourishment. This is a timely post - The New Yorker has a piece on the history of Breast Feeding in this week's magazine. I recommend it to all moms, whether they be breast or bottle feeders.

Taz Tagore

Thanks for the link to the New Yorker piece--I'm just about to sit down and read this week's issue. It's isn't "defeat" not to breastfeed. But I wanted to present a mother's perspective too. That we can celebrate the ways in which breastfeeding benefits us.

Taz Tagore


I agree, it is not defeat at all! If it wasn't for another mom who saw my frustration and referred me to a lactation consultant, I never would have been able to nurse my daughter. It is frustrating when something that is supposed to come so naturally does not - for many reasons.


Jennifer- breastfeeding for 6 weeks is a lot more than many women in this country. Kudos for your efforts. Your baby appreciates it!

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